How Much Money Does Kim Kardashian Make On Each Instagram Post?

kim kardashian instagram money

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian has a whopping 104 million followers on Instagram. She almost updates a fanbase twice the size of the UK at one click.

No matter how many controversies have come and gone, her fans still love and adore her.  No one knew that the girl from 2007’s leaked tape will come this far.

We now know that social media is the biggest marketing tool but before anyone could even estimate the true potential of social media, the Kardashians learned it.

This is among the most probable reason why they are ruling the internet today. They do not need an advertiser for their products including Kylie’s cosmetics to Kim Kardashian’s Beauty, fragrance collections, and clothing lines.

Although things changed Keeping Up with Kardashian aired in 2007. Kim’s popularity soared to a new high. She took the opportunity and excelled. Now she is a brand and her Instagram account worth $175 million. Although she is 7th on the list of most followed celebrities her worth of Instagram account is higher than anyone.

According to, Kim Kardashian makes $640,744 per targeted post. is a website that calculates the worth of Instagram depending on various algorithms. It astounds us to know that her Instagram account is worth $58.24 Million (on the basis of the number of followers, i.e. every follower on Instagram is worth $0.56).

She can churn out some incredible amount of money from sponsored content but she will need to promote other companies’ products to her audience. So while you sit here mocking Kardashian on social media, she is gaining popularity like no one.

Not only Kim have a good number of followers and an excellent money-making Instagram account, but her younger sister also 20-year-old Kylie has 99 million followers and her account is worth $50 million and Kendall too has $84 million followers.