Now You Can Kiss People Around The Globe Just With Your Cell Phone!

Wish you could send a kiss to your best friend or long-distance lover? A group of tech-savvy Apple lovers invented an iPhone peripheral called the Kissenger that is brings loved ones a little closer.

Though the device looks pretty odd, we’re curious about the concept. How does it actually feel to send and receive a digital kiss? These guys have worked hard to make the experience as real as possible.

“High precision force sensors are embedded under the silicon lip to measure the dynamic forces at different parts of your lips during a kiss,” explains the Kissenger ‘s creators.

“The device sends this data to your phone, which transmits it to your partner over the Internet in real time. Miniature linear actuators are used to reproduce these forces on your partner’s lips, creating a realistic kissing sensation.”

“Kissenger provides a two-way interaction just like in a real kiss. You can also feel your partner’s kiss on your lips when they kiss you back.”

Learn more about the Kissenger here.

Via TechBob