Kortney Olson Broke The Guinness World Record For Crushing Watermelons Between Her Thighs

Kortney Olson is the new world record holder for crushing watermelons using only her thighs. Not only did she break the women’s world record, but she also blew her male counterparts out of the water.

The Las Vegas bodybuilder crushed three watermelons in only 7.5 seconds. Precisely it takes about 364 pounds of pressure to crush a watermelon.

The female world record for crushing watermelons was held by a Ukrainian woman Olga Liashchuk who took 14.65 seconds. The male world record, on the other hand, stood at 10.88 seconds and was held by Rohollah Doshmanziari.

Olson was aiming to break the female world record at the event, having practiced at 11.36 seconds. Her last attempt, however, did not meet the Guinness requirements.

You wouldn’t want to mess with Kortney Olson after this.