Lace Face Mask Will Make You Feel Sexy Even During A Pandemic

lace face mask

With the growing demand for face masks amidst the spreading pandemic, people are coming up with pretty ingenious ways of getting around the prevalent shortage.

Some of these ideas include converting old bras into workable cloth face masks.

lingerie face mask

A Japanese garment manufacturer, Atsumi Fashion, just came up with a legit version of this trend so that consumers can now opt for a racier version of the regular face mask.

lingerie face mask

Lingerie details elevate the face mask design

The lingerie face mask is adorned with intricate lace details and comes in different shades ranging from cute pastel colors to sexy black motifs.

lingerie face mask

You can even opt for a more conservative white that might be more wearable in public.

lingerie face mask

One can only notice the striking resemblance it has to the DIY bra face mask we came across earlier. Despite the alluring exterior, it still serves practical purposes and functions exactly like a cloth mask.

Of course, we hope these lingerie face masks will give you ample ‘support’ while you are out and about.

The lingerie face mask is an immediate hit

It is no surprise that these quirky designs were quickly wiped out on Atsumi Fashion’s online site.

The pink design was even worn and fervently promoted by a YouTuber and former Terrace House member, Aya Kondo.

lingerie face mask

There is no harm adding a little spice to our protective equipment to lift our spirits, which might explain why this lingerie face mask is immensely popular among locals during this period.

lingerie face mask

Though the lingerie face masks are now sold out, the company is promising to stock up in days to come.

Therefore, do keep a lookout for updates on their Twitter and Instagram page if you are interested in getting one since you’ll need to equip yourself for the extended ‘Circuit Breaker’.

If we have to wear a mask, we may as well look pretty while we’re at it.