‘Last Bell’ From Russian High Schools Echoed For Thousands Of Students

Last week, the last bell has rung – the customary parting celebration for high school graduates was held across Russian school in style. In 2018, a single state examination will be handed over to 730,000 students. A whole blizzard of graduation selfies and wefies has been released on Instagram and Vkontakte.

A traditional ceremony in the Russian schools has still managed to survive in modern times and even successfully lives in some other post-Soviet countries is commonly known as the “Last Bell.” A first-grader opened the ceremony by ringing the bell and releasing the graduates of their school time.

Girls’ attire consists of the Soviet-style school uniform, complete with white aprons and white hair bows and it seems the combination is a real hit on the internet. In the modern technological era, photos from the graduation are instantly uploaded to the social networks and guys at the Russian Yaplakal forum chose the best photos.

Students, who are about to leave the school, wear the classic school uniform or formal dress.