‘Lau Na Ho’ Is Melodious And Expressive At Its Very Best!

lau na ho

Seldom have we come across a song that is lyrical and with remarkable videography, ‘Lau Na Ho’ is one of those rare gems of a song. The tune is soothing and you can play it on repeat for numerous occasions. If you are to describe it in one sentence, it would be, simplicity meets elegance.

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RK Square released their latest single starring Vinay Shrestha and Shilpa Maskey. RK Square is the first London-based commercial music band to release an album. The debut album is also entitled ‘Lau Na Ho’ and the remaining songs will be released in June 2016.

The band was established in late 2013 in Plumstead. They have been performing in various cultural events in and around London ever since. The band is very popular among the Nepalese ex-pat community in the UK as they tend to mix folk music with modern groovy tunes.

You can get their latest single on SoundCloud and follow RK Square on Facebook to get their latest updates.