63-Year-Old Toned Granny Lesley Maxwell Spills Beans On How She Stays In Shape

With festivities ahead, Lesley Maxwell, the super-fit grandmother, shares some tips on keeping your body fit and not gaining weight. The 63-year old shares that she started her fitness journey some 14 years ago to deal with her divorce, and now there is no going back for her. The grandmother also shares that she frequently gets approached by young men, who are also intimidated by her looks.

Lesley Maxwell, 63, from Melbourne, Australia, who works as a full-time personal trainer, is here to give some tough time to young people out there because of her super-fit body.

This gym-obsessed gran, who regularly attracts “18-year-old suitors,” also shares some of her top tips for staying fit during Christmas and other festivities. 

Maxwell has a massive following on Instagram, where she often shares photos and videos of her shredded look and workout routines. The size-eight grandmother works out five times a week and has almost 30 local and national titles under her belt, winning her first show at 49.

Lesley Maxwell frequents the gym with her granddaughter, Tia Christofi, 29, and people often mistake the duo as sisters.

Thanks to her super-toned body, Maxwell gains male attention quite quickly.

Maxwell is here to share common diet pitfalls ahead of the festive season and what to avoid if you want to keep trim for 2022.

Her top tips include eating more protein, ditching wine and sugary drinks, and avoiding overeating.

“My tips for eating over the Christmas period would be to eat more turkey rather than cakes,” Lesley said.

She added: “I would say go easy on the soft drinks and wine too, as these are ’empty calories’ and usually get stored as soft body fat.

“There’s no need to eat everything offered to you. If you’ve finished your meal and [are] offered more food, wait a minute. The feeling of overeating usually goes away.”

Giving more tips, she continued: “Another would be to go for a power walk after Christmas dinner.

“Power walking effectively can work every muscle in your legs and glutes, plus it’s great for your core muscles.”

Lesley Maxwell added: “Take giant strides and squeeze your butt at the movement’s top.

“Burn those extra calories away while walking with family or friends.

“Anyone can easily do these diet tips. Try to get a proper workout in between festive events to offset the additional food and booze.”

Lesley, who recently uploaded a “Grandmother vs Granddaughter” fitness video of her and Tia, also recommended training with a family member or friend to keep fit.

“Add a high-intensity workout into your weekly training schedule and make training fun!”

Lesley Maxwell began her fitness journey some 14 years ago, after using fitness to cope with her divorce.

Now with her tone and super-fit body, the grandmother often gets approached by younger men but believes age is just a number, saying that all her partners have been younger than her – including her ex-husband, with who she had a 13-year age gap.

Lesley Maxwell believes biological age and chronological age are two different things and that you can be as “old or young as you like” depending on how you take care of your body with healthy eating and exercise.

She gets a lot of attention from men at the gym and online but says her looks often intimidate them.

The grandma added: “The guys are from about 18, which is funny.