5 Lies Society Tells Girls And They Have To Live Through Their Lives

A child is simply born as a boy or a girl. It is the society that makes the differentiation by bringing the concept of masculine and feminine between the two.

We are brought up with some predefined concepts and ideas, which we have never been taught yet, but believe them to be true. Girls it is the time to question these obscure ideas and concepts.

You must stop believing in these 8 lies that society has forced us to follow.

1. Girls should always look beautiful. It is the most crucial thing in her life

Girls are always recommended to use skin whitening cream, color lightening creams, concealers, lipsticks, etc. Girls are always told to hide behind heavy makeup to match those glossy magazines. The only truth is happy girls are the prettiest! So wear makeup if you feel like it.

2. A prince will come to save you!

Fairy tales are good to enjoy. They feed us with regular doses of romance and magic. But what is wrong in that is the idea that all your troubles would disappear when you meet a guy who would be willing to take care of you and your needs. It is good to be in love but it is great to be your hero.

3. You “lose” your Virginity!

This is the most spreading wrong idea. Society has always taught us to be extra careful about virginity. In our society a girl is graded as a bad girl when she loses her virginity before marriage, she is considered as not eligible for marriage, no good boy will marry a girl who has lost her virginity before the marriage.” It is very sarcastic and funny too that how girls are told to present it as a gift To Their Husbands. Girls, it is your body and life, and you have the right to enjoy in your own way. The only thing that really matters to you is your safety and happiness, not other’s opinions.

4. To Nurture the family is the most important duty of a girl

To support the family and family members is the responsibility of both men and women. But yeah society lies again to us that it is girl’s utmost responsibility to nurture the family. Being a homemaker is as great as being CEO or any other profession as long as it out of choice.

5. Girl’s life is incomplete without motherhood

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful experience but lack of it doesn’t necessarily mean your life is incomplete. Don’t let anybody recommend you about ways of living your life. You must have the right to choose the things which really matter to you. Also, assure yourself that you won’t regret the decisions which you make.