Life’s A Simulation And We’re Part Of It. Here Are The Proofs You Need

Believe it or not, scientists have secretly confirmed that we are indeed living in a computer. We are just simulations, like games run by bigger people, maybe super-advanced aliens.

And because our world’s population is growing really fast, that computer’s resources are being all spent up, and in return, there are errors in the system just like in the games we play. Need proof?

1. Candle.exe has stopped working

2. What are the odds?

3. Maybe it’s their uniform?

4. The person on the left is from the future

5. Don’t let them know, otherwise, the timeline might be ruined

6. Aaaand everyone wears the same thing

7. Again, what are the odds?

8. Now, this is just pure coincidence?

9. Or is it…hmm

10. Bro, you got my roof

11. Maybe we are living in a computer

12. And that computer’s memory is running low

13. So it’s starting to duplicate processes

14. So that it can save resources

15. Like this cat, copied and pasted

16. And this guy

17. And these girls

18. Something is definitely going on here guys

19. Oh, there it is. A glitch in the matrix

20. Well, carry on just read your paper