This Woman Earned Over $25,000 From Selling Her Farts Online

Lush Botanist’s road to becoming the “Fart Queen of The Internet” began when she was contacted by someone who asked her to create a custom fart tape for them on YouTube.

She was hesitant to fart in front of the camera at first but soon agreed. Surprisingly, the video received great feedback, and she soon began receiving offers from others who wanted to pay her to fart on camera.

Lush Botanist claims to have made $25,000 from selling recordings of herself farting on the internet.

A fart isn’t something most people can conjure up on the spur of the moment, but it turns out Lush is lactose intolerant, which means her stomach experiences mini meltdowns when she consumes dairy products.

Ms Botanist told Channel 4 Documentary that she likes to eat various cheeses to get her stomach generating some farts. She went on to say that parmesan makes her flatulence sulphury, and mozzarella makes her farts huge and bubbly.

Ms. Botanist eats a variety of cheeses and mozzarella to start her stomach generating some farts.

“I’ve been in this industry for a long time. Over and over, I received pleas. ‘You know what?’ I thought. People will pay me to do this, therefore I’ll do it.” Lush clarified.

She said that she could charge up to $175 for each gust of wind and that the most money she’d ever made in a single day was over $4000, or £2,900. Her fart videos have earned her a total of $25,000 so far.

She could charge up to $175 for every gust of wind, and the most she’d ever made in a single day was almost $4000.

Apart from passing wind on camera, Lush also farts in jars and sends them out to her customers. She’s even sold fart lollipops, which is unusual. The fart lollipops include Lush farting on a lollipop of a customer’s choice and then sending it to them to eat. From a health standpoint, it seems crazy, but that is how some people have decided to live their lives.

Lush collects fart in jars and distribute them to her customers. She also has a line of fart lollipops for sale.

Lush shares her fart videos on Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram in the hopes of gaining more customers. The strangest request she’s ever gotten was to fart on a miniature figurine from a model train set, she said. Lush, on the other hand, attributes her success to her enjoyment of the farting process, believing that her customers like seeing her having a good time.

Farting on a miniature figurine from a model train set was the strangest request she’d ever received.