‘Maha Jodi’ Came Up With The Most Awesome Reply To The Ongoing Blockade By India

Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bhansa Acharya or notably branded as ‘Maha Jodi’ are prominent names in Nepalese popular culture. They have given us some of the most memorable performances in the past and continues to do so in present times as well. They contribution to the Nepalese entertainment industry is exemplary.

They are shrewd with their exceptional stage presence and characteristically showcases the current affairs with a blend of hilarity into it. Similarly, the ongoing undeclared blockade by India has affected their intellectual minds too. How do they show their discord? They demonstrate their agony with the thing they do best.

‘Maha Jodi’ has come up with the most satirical song you can imagine in hard times for Nepal. Instead of distressing the neighbor, they composed a song with thankfulness in every sentence of it. Brilliant, isn’t it?


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