September 16, 2020

A Man Robs The Very Pizzeria Where He Was Applying For A Job

No matter when a crime is committed, police officers put on their detective hats to identify the culprit. And while they can find substantial evidence at the crime scene, it is rarely possible for them to discover the personal information of the person involved.

nicholas mark robs pizzeria

In one bizarre incident, a man who applied for a job at a pizzeria in Pennsylvania decided to rob it instead. The unusual part of the theft is that he left all his contact like address, name, and the likes in his job application.

Nicholas M. Mark, aged 22, had changed his mind while applying and decided to steal the restaurant’s tip jar instead. He threatened a worker with a knife while running out of the pizzeria with the tip jar that contained about $ 220.

nicholas mark robs pizzeria

In addition to the completed application, he also left a backpack with various items with his name on it. The bag contained syringes and other possible drug paraphernalia, such as razors and cotton buds.

Authorities were reportedly able to locate Mark, and the restaurant staff was subsequently able to identify him. Nicholas has been arrested and charged with theft, possession of weapons, simple assault, and other charges.

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