This Man Has Spent Over $100,000 To Himself Look Like Britney Spears

Bryan Ray has been having cosmetic procedures since he was 17-years-old and has spent over $100,000 to emulate his favorite pop star – Britney Spears. The 33-year-old from LA has had procedures including a nose job, cheek injections, laser hair removal, Botox and lip fillers. At the age of 16, Bryan was coming to age where he was exploring his sexuality at the time Britney Spears had just started her career.

Bryan felt he could relate to her songs and he started to idolize her. For his 17th birthday, Bryan asked his mother for veneers (which cost $25,000), although shocked at first she supported his decision. Before the surgery, he showed the doctor a picture of Britney’s smile and told them he wanted to resemble her smile as much as possible.

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