September 21, 2020

8 Things Manipulative Women Do To Get What They Really Want

Controlling behavior isn’t gender exclusive. Note also that not all women use their feminine wiles. That said, what are some of these tricks manipulative women use?

What is Manipulative Behavior?

Life coach Deepak Chopra describes such behavior as a person getting what he or she wants without considering the needs of others. Though everyone may behave this way when stressed, some women are prone to this behavior. Consequently, they lie to and cheat their partners or colleagues.

People are manipulative for many reasons. Some want to move forward in their careers while others want the upper hand in their relationships. Below are ten tricks women use to gain an advantage over others.

1. These women don’t answer phone calls

Playing hard to get is a sign of a manipulative personality. Controlling women don’t pick up the phone because they want a home-court advantage. They play with others’ emotions.

2. Letting the other party speak first

Women who want control will let others speak first. They do this to get an idea of others’ thinking and personality. They also probe. This behavior applies to both personal and workplace relationships.

3. Distorting Facts

Another way some women try to gain the upper hand is to twist facts. They will play the victim when there is a quarrel. Also, they will withhold information when necessary.

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4. Showing Negative Feelings

Manipulative women tend to raise their voices in arguments. They do this in the hope that others will give in to their demands. They also use strong body language.

5. Unpleasant Surprises

Women who want the upper hand love to catch others unaware. A controlling female boss may give her coworkers unexpected news about salary cuts. Of course, she’ll do this at the right time so that they can’t react.

6. The Silent Treatment

Manipulative women are passive-aggressive. When you ask if they’re alright, they’ll either say yes or ignore you. They do this to gain leverage.

7. These Women Test People

Controlling women will test others. She may force her partner to come and see her by framing her request with ‘if you love me.’ Not giving in means failure. At work, she may threaten to talk to the boss if her coworkers don’t do things her way.

8. These Women Inspire Jealousy

Finally, these women will flirt with others to make their partners jealous. Female bosses praise one colleague in front of others whom she knows to dislike him.

How to Deal With Manipulative Behavior?

Now that you know you have a manipulative woman in your life, it’s time to take action. Doing so, however, isn’t always easy. You may fight her, but it may cause her to push harder than before to get what she wants.

Limiting contact is hard, but you can avoid situations if you know that she’s manipulating you. Just say, “I’ll need time to think about it,” or I’ll get back to you.”

The easiest way to respond is just to say “no.” People seldom use this word because they don’t want to offend others. Also, note that it’s no point justifying your actions because a controlling woman will never listen to reason.

Resisting the push of manipulative women isn’t easy, but you can if you develop some savvy.

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