Can You Guess The Material These Wedding Dresses Are Made From?

Marriage is a beautiful thing and it would be truly rare to find one such woman who hasn’t yet dreamt of her prince charming and getting married to him on the big day. In fact, most of the women even before reaching the age of 18 plan out almost all the details of their wedding day.

No doubt, brides can be super creative while dealing with wedding dresses but these dresses have taken the creativity to a whole new level. Check what is so special about these wedding dresses that I am unable to stop myself from talking about them.

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These wedding dresses are made up of toilet paper. Yes, this is what makes these dresses extraordinary.

The 15th Annual National Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest was held and some amazing designers designed beautiful wedding dresses using only toilet paper.

Dresses displayed in completion were made up of 247 rolls of toilet paper, for the matter to win the grand prize of $10,000.

Mimoza Haska – The designer who came out as a grand winner of the competition. Here’s the winning dress:

Don’t you think these dresses are just out of the world?