Meet The Most Charming And Beautiful Cheerleaders From Russian Sports

Admit it: you don’t only watch sport for the action, you also want to catch a sneak peek at the charming cheerleaders, don’t you? Choose the best cheerleading squad from these beautiful teams.

1. Green Heart

The cheerleading team of the Salavat Yulaev ice hockey club (Ufa) is easily recognizable by their bright white-and-green outfits. The girls perform in the breaks during matches, dancing on the stage, in the stands, and on the ice. They rehearse at least twice a week, and it is totally worth it. Green Heart has thousands of fans following them on social media!

2. Dream Team

This squad of 16 girls supports the Lokomotiv football club (Moscow). All members of the Dream Team have a dance or sports background. “We train three times a week for two hours. And we do another four-hour training session on a Sunday before a competition,” one of the girls wrote.

The team has won several cheerleading competitions in Russia. The girls also hold their own dance competitions for students. By the way, they even performed at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup in Moscow.

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3. Admiralochki

Vladivostok is associated with the sea, crabs, and the Admiral ice hockey club. The team’s cheerleaders are known as Admiralochki. Their costumes are also inspired by the sea: the girls wear striped sailor shirts and black shorts, or blue and white dresses.

4. Khimki Dancers

Khimki Dancers are the cheerleading squad of the Khimki basketball club (Moscow Region). They were set up back in 1995, at the very inception of the cheerleading movement in Russia. Now the team has more than 100 dance numbers. They don’t only dance at home matches – they accompany the players to international competitions too.

5. SKA Sisters

The girls support the SKA ice hockey club (St. Petersburg). They wear bright blue or white outfits decorated with stars, the symbol of the team. The core of the team consists of 20 people, but there are more on the roster and at matches. Their average age is 20. In addition to being members of the cheerleading squad, almost all of them either study or work. SKA Sisters even have their own fan club on social networks!

6. Spartak Angels

HC Spartak

The cheerleading squad of Moscow’s Spartak ice hockey team was set up relatively recently, in 2015. They wear red and white (the colors of the team) costumes and perform in the stands and on the ice. The Angels support both their team and the Russian national team.

7. Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters cheer for the Zenit football, volleyball, and basketball clubs (St. Petersburg), so they can often be seen at various sporting events in the northern capital. They create separate dance routines for each event because they perform at regular sports venues, on the ice, and even on sand. The Soul Sisters squad has 50 members, all of whom have excellent dance training, which allows them to perform the most incredible acrobatic stunts.

H/T: Russia Beyond