7 Things About Women That Men Find Irresistibly Attractive

women things men find attractive

The feminine look could be very subjective relating to attractiveness. It’s really befitting to say that magnificence lies within the eyes of the beholder. Some males discover chubby ladies engaging whereas others are into slims. 

It is quite impossible to scientifically prove what attracts men. Being flawless is not what beauty means, there are a lot more that goes into the attraction that pulls men like a magnet. Most men will say that flaws in women are what attract them towards them.

Here are few feminine features, somewhat flawed, that men find irresistibly attractive.

Carefree laughter

carefree laughter
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Laughter is the best medicine. If the woman laughs freely then the relationship will turn out to be most romantic. You’ll have a great time together and men will surely enjoy this.


women with glasses

Women tend to avoid any opportunity they come across to wear glasses. As per some studies, men find women with glasses more adorable and irresistible.


girl sweating
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Being sweaty and stinky after your workout is embarrassing and gross to women. Nonetheless, some researchers have stated that the sweat is more like a scent of happiness. If you think about it is a positive emotion that you’ve earned. Therefore, men find it very attractive.

Tan lines

girls tanlines
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Women love to stay under the sun but don’t like the tan lines. The good news is that men find the tan lines seductively sexy. Don’t hide your tan lines, flaunt them out.

Natural messy hair

natural messy hair

You will spend a lot of money on getting your hair done perfectly. But it is not as attractive as natural messy hair, that men find more attractive.

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No makeup face

women no makeup
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According to studies, 40% of men like women without any makeup on. Yes, having no makeup is desirable to men. Because a no-makeup look is more natural and looks real, men find it appealing. If a woman can show up without makeup, that means she is confident of her natural look.

Chubby stomach

chubby stomach
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Women work very hard to stay slim and fit. Getting rid of the chubby stomach is the number one priority for most women. However, they ignore the fact that most men like a bit of belly fat. It makes them look curvy and more feminine. Don’t push yourself too hard on getting a slim-trimmed stomach. Some belly fat will do better than harm.

Overall, an ideal woman is someone confident in her natural looks. Someone who is carefree and embraces her flaws. That’s what attracts men. Do you have any other features that you would want to share? Drop them in the comment section down below.