Mercedes Marie Is The Hottest Instagram Model You Should Follow

Instagram has now become a perfect place to show your talent. Each day many people are getting famous by showing their unique ability on Instagram.

A large number of these people are freelance female fashion and fitness model. Mercedes Marie is one of the few who made it big on Instagram, thanks to your amazing body.

Instagram Model Dolly Castro Looks Way Hotter Than ‘Kim Kardashian’

Recently a lot of new models become overnight celebrities all because of their gorgeous body and glamorous look. One such model is Mercedes Marie. She is 24-years-old and has been awarded as world’s hottest model because of perfect curves.

Mercedes Marie started modeling when she was 16-years-old

It could be considered that she is one of the few people who was born model. She is also in acting and music.

She is considered to be the most beautiful and bold model of Instagram

Mercedes became a beauty sensation due to her perfect figure and gorgeous look. Her beauty is something that will make the whole world go crazy.

American born model was influenced by fashion at a very early age

While spending her childhood in the bay area of San Fransisco, Mercedes witnessed a plethora of fashion and multi-cultured style.

There was no success for her in the starting

After graduating from US Santa Barbara, she moved to NYC to began her career in the fashion industry. After 8 months at Big Apple, she headed back to Cali. Shortly after this, she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco where she acquired the degree of Visual Merchandising.

Started her own creative outlet to showcase her own take on street style

After getting years of experience in merchandising, editorial, and styling, she started ‘Beyond Her Reality’ creative outlet. Mercedes is now a freelance merchandiser, stylist, and creative director.

Do you find Mercedes Marie hot?

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Mercedes Marie Is The Hottest Instagram Model You Should Follow

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