Mia Sand Has Redefined Fitness Modelling With Her Powerlifting Plus Size Physique

Mia Sand is a tall plus-size fitness model from Denmark. Her unique looks have made her famous in the fitness industry. She is curvy in areas that count, and most importantly, she is not afraid to be different. Mia adds glamour to fitness sports with her charismatic beauty.

mia sand

The curvaceous Danish is now a sponsored athlete and endorses many fitness brands. She is highly sought after by big fitness companies to endorse their products. Mia Sand has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Her successful career holds testimony to the fact that conforming to societal standards is not needed. Creating your image is very important, and you should not let others dictate how you should look.

Mia combines bodybuilding with powerlifting to keep her physique healthy and aesthetically pleasing. She could be seen doing her favorite squats, dips, and bench press as part of her lifestyle. According to her, squats are the ultimate glute builder, and she loves doing it.

She is not just a woman who lifts; she is now a loving mother too.