Home Humor This Video Shows 'A Day In Middle-Class Family' And It's Hilarious!

This Video Shows ‘A Day In Middle-Class Family’ And It’s Hilarious!

Anyone who’s grown in a middle-class family knows that life is all about balance. Balancing the family income and expenses, aspirations, and realities want and needs. There are times when the ability to find a balance brings about the maturity and responsibility that defines the Indian middle-class today.

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You can relate this to a hilarious yet meaningful video entitled “A Day In A Middle-Class Family”. The video reveals how middle-class people live their lives and try to spend as little as possible. There are certain things that a middle-class family does to save money. For instance, switching on the air conditioner only when it’s too necessary or keeping remote’s battery in the sunlight to use it again.

It also reveals how women in middle-class families save money from their daily expenses, so that the money can be used when needed. They also throw some tantrums and make other family members realize that they only have to do all the household chores the whole day.

Is this relatable to you?

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This Video Shows 'A Day In Middle-Class Family' And It's Hilarious!

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