September 28, 2020

Miss Earth India Should Confess After Falsified Promotional Video

It is very easy these days to simply copy and paste materials created by others and publish it as your own. Advancing technology with the easy access of the internet has made it all too simple. No wonder people have become habituated to lift up works of other people and claim it as their own.

It is a direct violation of intellectual property right. Some are disgracefully put out in public whereas some go undetected. It is just the wrong thing to do. Just wrong. The Miss Earth India 2015 has done something similar to her country’s eco-beauty video.

Aaital Khosla, Miss Earth India is facing backlash after her video depicting as India are actually scenes from Nepal. In this scenario of India imposing undeclared blockade upon Nepal, this act of plagiarizing gives yet another reason for Nepalese to voice their disgruntlement.

Although, the official YouTube channel of Miss Earth has taken down Aital Khosla’s promotional video. The video shamelessly shows Kathmandu traffic police with plenty of other clips shot in Nepal. She describes incredible India but with visuals of Nepal. What humiliation!

We have found the original video that Miss Earth India team had copied. Social media has been buzzing out loud with cries of disqualifying the Indian beauty queen for using untrue content. If you are from Nepal, you can surely identify the places being shown on this used by Miss Earth India.

Buzzativ! team was second to tweet on #DisqualifyMissEarthIndia.

#DisqualifyMissEarthIndia #MissEarthIndia #MissEarth #AaitalKhosla #Nepal #MissEarth2015

— Buzzativ! (@buzzativ) November 26, 2015

We have even found the original video created by Teton Gravity Research which is named as ‘The Himalayas from 20,000 ft

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