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18 Photoshop Fails Of Modeling Photo Shoot That Will Make You Giggle

Photoshop has been the norm when it comes to advertisements. From magazine covers to Facebook posts, the chances are that a bit of photo editing is involved. And not every edit is up to the standard. Leaving aside the funny and odd-looking photos, most of us would barely notice alterations made on such photos.

Even from top worldwide brands, some eerily photoshop edits are out in public domain. We are sure those editors get paid top bucks to do their jobs. Nevertheless, they manage to put up their work without even checking for errors.

Here are such irregular photo edits that are results of faulty editing, and have made the rounds all over the internet.

She lost a few inches of her thighs

model photoshop fails

Sexy slit reveals her hidden giant leg

model photoshop fails

Seductive but cleavage looks weird

model photoshop fails

Clearly missing an arm

model photoshop fails

Upper body differs from lower body

model photoshop fails

A chocolate dessert that can levitate

model photoshop fails

Blessed with two belly buttons

model photoshop fails

That’s a perfect curve!

model photoshop fails

She might be in pain

model photoshop fails

The ever longing legs

model photoshop fails

The ghost dog

model photoshop fails

The model lost an entire leg

model photoshop fails

How is she even able to stand?

model photoshop fails

Organic thigh gap

model photoshop fails

Whose hand is it anyway?

model photoshop fails

Nightmare fingers

model photoshop fails

Bighead or smaller arms?

model photoshop fails

Bagless handle

model photoshop fails

Have you seen any other photoshop fail? do share with us in the comment section down below.

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18 Photoshop Fails Of Modeling Photo Shoot That Will Make You Giggle

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