Do You Remember The Girl From ‘No Smoking’ Ad Shown Before The Movies?

In this era of social media, anyone can get famous in just a matter of days. We have seen many examples when people get famous for some very weird reasons like due to ‘eye wink’ or by abusing the system for their personal benefits.

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We have also come across many instants in the past few months when a child artist became an overnight sensation. The same thing happened to the girl from the ‘No Smoking’ ad campaign.

I believe that you do remember that advertisement.

This ad is still running before the start of any movie in the theater. Not just in theaters, you might have come across this even on your TV. The ad is backed by the commentary, “Khushi Kaun Nahin Chahta hai…lekin kiss keemath par…” 

One thing no one knows about this ad is that it was actually filmed in Malayalam when it says, “Aaranu Santhosham aagrahikkathathu.” It was dubbed into other languages thereafter.

Do you remember the little cute girl from this ad?

The sweet girl played the role of a daughter whose father was addicted to smoking. Her father enters the room with a bad cough because of smoking. Father feels helpless, and then the father realizes his mistake, throws off his cigarette, and hugs her.

That innocent girl is now all grown up

That cute girl is ‘Simran Natekar’ and her transformation is nothing you would have expected. She has become a real beauty with cuteness instilled.

Simran is making her debut in a Kannada movie

She got selected for the female lead in the Kannada film ‘Kajal’ opposite Santhosh, who has earlier acted in movies including Ganapa and Kariya-2.  You would be shocked to know that she has appeared in more than 100 advertisements to date. At the time of the ‘No Smoking’ advertisement, she was 7 years old.

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She also acted in many TV serials

Simran appeared in the TV serial ‘Her Bandhan Saat Janmo Ka’. Her first Bollywood role was in Yash Raj Films’ Daawat-e-Ishq. She even starred in Best of Luck Laalu as the female lead.

And we wish her the best for upcoming ventures.