Sanjay Mishra Pays Well Deserved Tribute To The Legendary Old Monk

The indisputable popularity of the Old Monk brand is legendary. No room for disagreement.

It has been a key name in the celebratory occasion for quite some time. The triumphant Old Monk is synonymous with many memories that last for eternity. They are the standard of pure merriment.

Looking for an electrifying evening with your buddies? Grab a bottle of Old Monk! “From breakups, annoying relatives to irritating acquaintances, Old Monk has saved everyone so many times”.

And it seems Sanjay Mishra is on the same page. In this video uploaded by Switch Off Films, he is seen bonding with his friend over Old Monk. They recount many good memories of their young days. But, there is an interesting twist in the tale.

It’s good times. It’s for good memories shared with friends. A very touching video with an unexpected ending. Watch it and relive those moments with your loved ones.