This Muslim Uncle Speaking Newari Has Won The Hearts Of Newa Crowd In Ason

It must feel so nostalgic to walk down the streets where you spent your entire childhood. But, while the houses and roads make for the best memories, the people give them even more meaning. A recent vlog on the YouTube channel Nash Vlogs is going viral for showcasing these same feelings in the most powerful terms.

Nash Vlogs is a YouTube channel run by popular TV personality Asif Shah. While he’s been an intermittent poster for some time now, his latest vlog has struck a chord with Nepali viewers. The video features Asif Shah’s father, who grew up in the Ason area as a typical Muslim individual. Throughout the length of the video, we see numerous instances that showcase how his father has been accepted by the specific Newar community that resides in Ason.

The video starts as Asif’s family takes off on their journey to rediscover Ason, where Asif and his father grew up. While walking through the streets of Ason, the father surprises us with his bargaining skills, but more so with his Newari speaking skills. It was so good that we couldn’t even catch up! Scenes such as this one, peppered throughout the vlog, highlight the core feature of our country that makes it so beautiful — a diverse collection of cultures and ethnicities coexisting in beautiful harmony. 

You can feel the overwhelming nostalgia through the screen when he says, “Thau tei ho manche harai gayo.” But, before you bawl your eyes out, we’ll let you know that he does meet some of his old neighbors. Their casual and fun interactions make your heart swell with wonder as you realize that these people share a lifetime of history with each other. 

Walking along with his old neighborhood, he holds his granddaughter’s hands and points to every corner while sharing his stories that occurred in that very place. While shopping for some veggies, a shopkeeper complains about how he’s stopped coming around often, calling him “hamro bajey,” which gives us a glimpse of how close they are. 

The grandchildren seem fascinated to know that people used to visit Ason and buy their groceries for an entire month. However, what was fascinating to us was watching the three different generations bond over a place full of memories. One of the children adorably mentions how the place is too good and it feels like she’s in the 90s. When they reach a particular area, her grandfather shares a fun story with his family about how he used to sing bhajan at that spot. His mother had thought that someone was playing the radio, but it was her son when she came out of the house. 

This wholesome journey ends with the family happily leaving the spot after buying some groceries. When Asif asks him how he is feeling, his reply is simple. He says, “good feeling,” which we think are two words that seek to express an entire lifetime’s worth of good memories from that place.