30 Most Beautiful NBA Cheerleading Squads

NBA is okay, but the real stars are, often as not, the cheerleaders who pump up the crowd during breaks. NBA Cheerleaders are gorgeous girls who have practiced and trained as vigorously as any athletes and define themselves off the field and through outreach programs.

Their profession ranges from chanting to robust physical activity for NBA team motivation, audience entertainment, or rivalry based on planned routines. Their competitive performances naturally vary from one to three minutes and encompass components of dance, tumbling, jumps, cheers, and stunting.

It is not of much concern for what team they cheer for, as each of these girls is attractive and unique. Are you interested in knowing the details of hot-looking famous cheerleaders who have entertained the audience approaching to watch NBA games?

Atlanta Hawks Dancers

atlanta hawks dancers

These cheerleaders represent the Atlanta Hawks team, consisting of 26 dancers. It is considered that a very severe dancing audition nominated them, and they are worth watching whenever a player scores.

Celtics Dancers

celtics dancers

Beautiful cheerleading for the Celtics is considered an extremely old, celebrated, and well-known NBA team -The Celtics. Like every other NBA team, the cheerleaders for this particular team are initially prepared for the audition, then shortlisted, and finally selected.

Brooklynettes Dancers

brooklynettes dancers

The hometown team in Brooklyn, New York, the Nets, are the newest in the league and play out of the brand new Barclays Center. While the team is new, the Brooklynettes are fantastic.

Charlotte Hornets Honey Bees Dancers

charlotte hornets honey bees dancers

The Hornets play out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They are an OK sports team, but not especially significant. The Honey Bees are their cheerleading team and can only be described as excellent.

Chicago Luvabulls

chicago luvabulls

The finest NBA team needs the unsurpassed Cheerleading dancing squad, signifying the Chicago Bulls as the Chicago Luvabulls. A large group of 25 beautiful dancers and are a few of the most paid and celebrated dancers in the world from Chicago Luvabulls.

Cavs PowerHouse Dance Team

cavs powerhouse dance team

It was hard for the Cavalier Girls not to have a cavalier attitude after the LeBron James era ended abruptly in 2010. The Cavaliers themselves were cavalier about the Cavaliers, going from a playoff team to a D-league squad overnight.

Dallas Mavericks Dancers

dallas mavericks dancers

Dallas Mavericks Dancers’ cheerleading group is owned by the famous NBA giant named Dallas Mavericks. These members are the prosperous and hottest-looking cheerleading squad in the entire NBA. These cheerleaders have shown their talents as some of these dancers are included in the top 100 dancers of the world, adding to their fame.

Denver Nuggets Dancers

denver nuggets dancers

When you think about it, “Nuggets” is a bizarre name for a team. Strange, they didn’t come up with something a little sexier than “Nuggets Dancers” for these lovely ladies.

Detriot Pistons Dancers

detriot pistons dancers

Hailing from Detroit’s great city, the Pistons Dancers are at every Detroit Pistons Game to cheer on the motor city team.

Golden State Warriors Dancers

golden state warriors dancers

While they may not be the best basketball team yet, they are slowly improving. The Warriors Dance Team is excellent and better than the basketball players.

Houston Rockets Power Dancers

houston rockets power dancers

The Rockets Power team is the only team to win the titles of 3 NBA dance teams and the most incredibly influential dancers in the entire NBA. These cheerleaders are currently the costliest dance team as compared to their competitors.

Indiana Pacemates

indiana pacemates

Around this time last year, their Instagram was an embarrassment with only four photos. Things have changed, and there are over 100 photos on the account.

LA Clippers Spirit

la clippers spirit dancers

Perhaps the best Basketball team in Los Angeles, the Clippers are now a bit better than the Los Angeles Lakers. As such, they needed a better cheerleading squad, and the Clipper’s Spirit Dancers Delivered.

Laker Girls

laker girls

Laker Girls are the dancers accomplishing cheerleading for the Los Angeles Lakers team of the NBA. These beautiful ladies are nearly hot and worth watching while presenting dance performances. They are a semi-professional team, and corresponding members accept regular day jobs varying from dancers to university professors to waitresses. These cheerleaders typically perform for around 30 routine schedules throughout the NBA season.

Memphis Grizz Girls

memphis grizz girls

The Grizzlies had their best season ever last year, which gives the Grizz Girls plenty to cheer about.

Miami Heat Dancers

miami heat dancers

It is well-known that Miami offers us an idea of hot ladies, which suits well with the Miami Heat Dancers. It is considered that the hottest dancers in the entire NBA are a share of this troop- Miami Heat Dancers.

Milwaukee Bucks Dancers

milwaukee bucks dancers

Coming out of Milwaukee’s great city, The Milwaukee Bucks Dancers cheer on the great Milwaukee Bucks. They are among the sweetest cheerleading squads in the NBA and regularly update their Instagram.

Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers

minnesota timberwolves dancers

We get the Timberwolves Dancers’ coolness out of Minnesota’s coldness, who cheer for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

New Orleans Hornets Pelican Dance Team

new orleans hornets pelicans dance team

We’ve called out a couple of teams on this list for having less-than-awesome names, but we have to hand it to the New Orleans Honeybees—that is just a great name. It makes you think happy thoughts.

Knicks City Dancers

knicks city dancers

Coming out of the most fantastic city on earth, the New York Knicks City Dancers cheer the Knicks. For this, we can say that the cheerleading squad is much better than the team it cheers for.

Oklahoma City Thunder Girls

oklahoma city thunder girls

These cheerleaders signify the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder team, which is presently one of the most successful NBA teams worldwide. It is expected that Thunder Girls will receive approximately $10,000 for every match.

Orlando Magic Dancers

orlando magic dancers

Do the Magic Dancers have some devious trickery up their sleeves? No, they have plenty of trickery but don’t have sleeves.

Sixers Dancers

sixers dancers

The Philadelphia 76ers are not a good team. Thankfully, the Sixers Dancers stepped in to keep the fans happy.

Phoenix Suns Dancers

phoenix suns dancers

Coming out of sunny Phoenix, Arizona, the Phoenix Suns is a pretty average NBA team, not too bad, but not especially remarkable. Their cheerleaders, on the other hand, are entirely different.

Trailblazer Dancers

trialblazer dancers

The Trailblazers play in wet and rainy Portland, Oregon. To cheer things up a bit, the Blaze Dancers help out. Like any other team, they are beautiful and have an excellent Instagram feed.

Sacramento Kings Dancers

sacremento kings dancers

Ah, the Kings of Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings are one of the most loved basketball teams in California. They are the hometown team for California’s capital city. While they may not be the most outstanding team, they have an excellent cheerleading squad.

Spurs Silver Dancers

spurs silver dancers

Cheerleaders of Spurs Silver Dancers are among the greatest and hottest NBA Cheerleaders for the current year and 2020. This is why they stand second among the richest, hottest, and most prevalent NBA cheerleaders.

Raptors Dance Pak

raptors dance pak

The Toronto Raptors NBA team has owned the Raptors Dance Pak group of famous cheerleaders for years. They are not allowed to reveal salary as per the team management. Each year, these dancers are nominated using a consistent round of auditions to choose only the most eligible and skilled cheerleaders. Each year, the name of cheerleaders for the Raptors’ NBA games is declared, highlighting the talented and beautiful-looking members. The hot cheerleaders from this group grabbed the audience’s attention when they arrived to watch the matches.

Utah Jazz Dancers

utah jazz dancers

The Jazz Dancers aren’t just the Jazz Dancers; they’ll have you know. They are the Nu Skin Jazz Dancers.

Washington Wizards Dancers

washington wizards dancers

Today, the dancers are known as the Wizard Girls, but old-school Washington fans remember them as the Bullettes.

Nowadays, most people see the NBA matches as they support their favorite team. Few people see the NBA match their sports passion for entertainment, while some watch to entertain themselves through attractive cheerleaders’ performances on the field.