Nepal Police Imposes Ban On Playing Futsal And Causes Nationwide Fury

Nepal never fails to amuse you. The world over knows about the undeclared blockade placed by India for last four months. The nation is deprived of petroleum, cooking gas, and commodities of basic necessities. The government has repeatedly failed to address the issue and restore smooth living conditions for its citizens.

Amidst all this chaos, the Nepal Police came with the most thoughtless regulations in the city of Kathmandu. Nepal Police has imposed a ban on futsal. Yes, you heard it correct.

The DAO took the decision to ban futsal in the Capital saying “futsal facilities are causing disturbance in society and spoiling youngsters”.


Authorities have claimed that futsal centers remain open till late in the night and not only disturb the neighborhood but also promote drugs abuse and alcohol consumption among teenagers. The DAO has said that it “will lift the ban only after regulating it.”

But youths and sports enthusiasts have described the move as “oppressive, outrageous and a case of traditional policing”.


“The decision is atrocious,” said Bisham Ghimire of Anamnagar, who regularly plays futsal. “Issuing a blanket ban in the name of regulating the game is unacceptable. If there were problems at some places, the administration should have dealt with them on case-to-case basis.”

If the statement made by SSP Bikram Singh Thapa is to be taken seriously taken then gym, internet service, restaurants, cyber cafes, TV broadcasting stations, movie theaters, and even education institution should be closed down because they expose young kids to drugs or make them aware about drugs also create distraction from studies.

We the general public of Nepal should raise our voices against such superficial protocols which are baseless.

Source: Kathmandu Post

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