Nepal Reacts On Having “Dhaka Topi” As Mandatory Wear For Every Nepalese Men

“Dhaka Topi Siraima Sirbandi…”

In recent times we have seen some weird public laws in Nepal. May it be the compulsion to wear a helmet for passenger rider on a motorcycle, although it was meant for safety it wasn’t feasible at all. Similarly, the recent ban imposed on Futsal was simply ridiculous. We are all too familiar with such outlandish public laws. Nepalese are acquainted with such irrational regulations and it will remain to be so.

Our friends at Channel Arbitrary thought of a scenario where every Nepalese man are required by law to wear ‘Dhaka Topi’ at all times. Wouldn’t it be weird? How do you think it will go with shorts and tees? Not so appealing, isn’t it?

Contemporary Nepalese celeb reacts to this make-believe circumstances and some of the reactions are hilarious while others are reasonably defined.


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