November 30, 2020

11 Things That Makes Nepal A Truly Unique Country On This Planet

Thought you knew Nepal? Well, perhaps it’s time to think again. Nepal is a country with incredible diversity. These unbelievable facts about Nepal will leave you intrigued and surprised.

Despite its minuscule land area – the country is enormous enough in every other term. The history of Nepal dates back to medieval times. And it is rich in cultural heritage. Despite being sandwiched between gigantic China and India, its geographical range is one of a kind.

Nepal is a small nation with a mighty heart. The bravery of Nepalese is something of legendary status. The hospitality by its people is exemplary in addition to the extravagant food choices for you devour. Here are the unique things about Nepal that makes truly one of a kind:

Only Non-Quadrilateral National Flag

nepal truly unique

Nepal has the only non-quadrilateral national flag in the whole world. A triangular-duo makes up this peculiar flag with Sun and Moon portrayed inside it.


nepal truly unique

The all-day meal of Nepalese comprises of white rice, lentils, and curried vegetables. The ‘Dal-Bhat’ power is merely overwhelming.

The Himalayan Range

nepal truly unique

Nepal is home to the highest peak in the world – Mt. Everest. Even better, eight out of the ten highest mountains are within the Nepalese borders.

Never under any direct foreign rule

nepal truly unique

The country has neither been colonized nor conquered by any foreign powers. Even the mighty Britisher in its full prowess had to abandon their invasion attempts in the late 1800s and compromised upon a peace treaty.

The Land of the ‘Living Goddess’

nepal truly unique

Nepal has a living Goddess. Worshipped by millions of people, the ‘Kumari’ is a tradition that dates back many centuries.

Over 80 ethnic groups and more than 120 languages

nepal truly unique

For a country of just 147,181 square kilometers area – the number of ethnic groups and languages is genuinely prolific. Not to mention the numerous dialects that are used around the country.

Kathmandu is a ‘Living Museum’

nepal truly unique

Nepal has the most densely populated world heritage sites in the world. The capital city itself is home to 7 UNESCO sites within a 15-kilometer radius. Visitors can live the tradition that dates back centuries in even the tiniest nukes and corners of the city.


nepal truly unique

This Nepalese knife has been the weapon of choice during numerous wars in the past and continues to hold a special place in Nepalese culture.

Rhino and Tiger

nepal truly unique

Nepal is the only country where you can find both the one-horned Rhino and the Bengal Tiger.

Lord Buddha

nepal truly unique

Gautam Buddha – the initiator of Buddhist philosophy, was born in Kapilvastu, Nepal.

Mo: Mo:

nepal truly unique

Just saying Mo:Mo: makes every Nepalese crave this heavenly delicacy.

If you know of any other uniqueness about Nepal, please make sure you share it with our community in the comment section down below. Jai Nepal. 

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