This Nepalese Couple ‘Sheyanjor’ Has Carried Through ‘Lead Me To’ Around Nepal

Love is about knowing that someone will be there for you and drive with you to the middle of nowhere to simply watch the clouds, stardust, and talk about the universe and everything in between. It’s about spending hours sitting in the coffee shop by the window with your loved ones and looking at the people surrounding you. It’s about going out and traveling places you both like and feel strangely exciting being led by your loved ones hand-in-hand. This Nepalese couple ‘Sheyanjor’ is no different.

The ‘Follow Me To’ photo series is an inspiration from the famous couple – Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia Zakharova, the creator of this photo project who stunned the people with their incredible shots around the world.

Inspired from them, a photography-enthusiast Nepali couple @sheyanjor have started the same photo series in Nepal. They have set travel and relationship goals for the Nepali people with their stunning hand-in-hand pictures around leading to incredible shots at different places in Nepal. Their stunning pictures have been ‘talk-of-the-town’ and there are many who want pictures just like that for their travel.

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The couple @sheyanjor who don’t want to reveal their faces and names for now, started their photo series with a simple ‘Hello!’ from Patan Durbar Square sharing a classy pose – the girl holding her boy’s hand, and leading him around. Since then, they have traveled to many places in Nepal, exploring more, and more.

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