Nepali Movie Titles Are Translated Into English, And It’s Hilarious!

At times we can’t get hold of laughter when it comes to literal translations. Each and every language is beautiful, but sometimes it gets very tough on getting the words translated literally. And when there is a struggle, there is always a pinch of hilarity.

24 Uproarious Bhojpuri Movie Titles That Will Make You ROFL

The difficulty is that when we attempt to translate word to word, the situation changes and the end result is far from representing the original meaning. Today, we carried out an experiment with some Nepali movie titles keeping in mind those readers who aren’t well acquainted with the Nepali language.

We rendered those titles word to word, but as we had anticipated, the outcome is too funny to handle. In fact, some titles are senselessly hilarious.

Feri Bhetaula – We Shall Meet Again

Yug Dekhi Yug Samma – From Era To Era

Manakamana – Heart’s Desire

Janma Janma – One Life to Another

Prem Puja – Love Worship

Sauta – 2nd Wife

Yo Maya Le Launa Satayo – This Love Irritated Me

Ta Taa Sarai Bigris Ni Badri – You Are Very Spoiled, Badri

Kaslai Diun Yo Jowan – Whom To Give This Body

Takkar Dui Mutu Ko – Clash Of Two Hearts

Kahan Chau Kahan – Where Are You Where?