Why Are Nepali Passengers Always In Such A Hurry To Exit The Plane?

I was contentedly sitting, listening to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk which happened to be my only relief for not getting the window seat. When suddenly, I felt a nudge on my shoulder.

“Dai…” I took off my earphones and realized it was my co-passenger sitting in the middle seat grinning from ear to ear.

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“Ali kati uta janus na, mero bag nikalna paryo…”

I looked at him. The pilot hadn’t even asked us to unfasten the seat belts yet and here was this guy who seemed to be running against time.

The sad part was that he wasn’t alone. By now, almost all the passengers had gotten up and were happily taking out their luggage. Which made me wonder why the hell are Indian passengers in such a hurry to exit the plane?

My only question to these over-enthusiastic souls is: Why?

Why are you so impatient?

Meaning do you plan to jump out of the plane and then run off?

I mean what’s the scheme of things here?

The doors are going to remain shut for at least 10 minutes after the plane stops. Do you plan to force it open?

And not just inside the plane. I’ve realized that we Nepalese are an impatient lot.

We order hot tea and then blow into it till it gets cold. We blow horns even if it’s a traffic jam ahead.

I really wanna ask these people why the rush, where are you heading towards? You do realize that we’re all going to the same place right? You do realize that we will all be getting out together. So no matter how hard you plan your exit, it’s fruitless.

We like to push the person ahead of us even if we’re standing in a queue.

And God helps you if you get an aisle seat.

That, after you’ve spent your entire journey minus a view. Yeah, talk about adding insult to injury.

Not only will you be poked relentlessly by your co-passenger, but you’ll also be trapped amidst a barrage of over-enthusiastic passengers’ hell-bent on taking out their luggage in perfect co-ordination.

So if you’re one of those impatient souls reading this, kindly stop.

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Why Are Nepali Passengers Always In Such A Hurry To Exit The Plane?

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