Home Life What Does It Mean To Be A Proud Nepali Army Officer?

What Does It Mean To Be A Proud Nepali Army Officer?

We all know what the words duty, selfless service, duty, honor, integrity, loyalty, and courage mean. However, how often do you see someone truly live up to them? Not unless the person is an army officer. Being an army officer is unlike holding any other profession, it is all about living up a gratified lifestyle.

Army officers are the front-line warriors who lay down their own lives for the country. This video is truly a tribute to all those brave army men and women who have dedicated their lives to Nepal.

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Buzzativ salutes this selfless institution. Nepal Army has always made us proud of the nation.

Such selfless and proud individuals. Salute to Nepal Army.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Proud Nepali Army Officer?

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