Home Fashion Watch 100 Years Of Nepalese Beauty Trends In Less Than 2 Minutes

Watch 100 Years Of Nepalese Beauty Trends In Less Than 2 Minutes

With the inspiration from Cut.com’s record-breaking time-lapse videos which include a century of beauty trends of different nations around the world, a team of Nepalese makeup artists has created this amazing video portraying the beauty of women of Nepal of the past century.

Watch 100 Years Of Korean Beauty Trends In Less Than 2 Minutes

The tiny Himalayan nation has some of the prettiest looking women out there. Despite being squeezed between China and India, it has been able to maintain its own fashion trends.

This video showcases the ever changing beauty trends of Nepal for past hundred years.

Which beauty trend do you like the most?

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Watch 100 Years Of Nepalese Beauty Trends In Less Than 2 Minutes

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