Check Out These 12 Nepali Knock-off Versions Of International Brands

Why make in Nepal when you can fake in Nepal? This seems to be the go-to business strategy many shady companies adopt that specializes in producing knock-off versions of international brands. Of course, these products aren’t fooling anyone, but one can’t help but admire the wits that go into making Devdas out of Adidas.

So, from Snipers to Monsoon Mew and everything in between, here are 12 hilarious Nepali versions of international brands that’ll make you go WTF (What the Fake?)

Well, fake it till you make it, they say. Who knows? Maybe Snipers will be huge one day. But until then, you might want to stick to Snickers. Meanwhile, if you’ve encountered any such knock-off brands, let us hear your experience in the comments section below.