Do Nepali People Prefer Mom’s Side Of The Family?

Asking people to pick and choose between their family members, and blood relatives is supposed to be a tough question. But, if you ask most Nepali people to choose between their dad’s side of the family or their mom’s, they’ll choose their mom’s side in a heartbeat. 

Nepali people would rather sigh as a response if asked about their dad’s side — most of them sharing a common dislike towards their dad’s relatives. This notion is so prevalent that the dad’s side being toxic has become a common stereotype now. Just take a look at these frustrated Nepali netizens venting their dissatisfaction on the internet.  

But, most people who seem to hate their dad’s side, always seem to have a good reason to feel that way. Some people seemed to be sick of their dad’s siblings fighting over property and taking advantage of their niceness. While some held resentment for the way their relatives treat their mother. 

The Reddit user, u/compactdicks had a theory of his own, explaining how if the families are on the same level of wealth, no arguments will take place.  

“The theory is simple, the wealth class. My dad side of the family are super rich excluding us as my dad is the first child but my mom side status is similar to ours so we have more understanding. I have witnessed this tendency a lot, but the same theory applies if there’s wealth difference between mom side and you too. Many brothers act as if they are competitors.

There will be and must be exceptions though, I’m just reflecting general inclination.”

Another user, u/golDzeman also made a valid point: 

“I think many of us prefer mom’s side because maternal uncles and aunts treat their nephews and nieces very well as opposed to uncles and aunts from dad side.”


This feels especially true as most Nepali children grow up visiting their mamaghar as a treat, and the word mamaghar just has a special place in the heart for most. Most Nepali mama, maiju also have a reputation for being softer with their nieces and nephews. 

Well, it’s all fun banter to get together on the internet and discuss the common hate for the dad’s side of the family. But, it’s obviously just a big coincidence and the family dynamics obviously differ from person to person. 

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