A New Phenomenon “Red Tika Challenge” Has Taken The Social Media By Storm

Social media has become a significant instrument for a mass awareness campaign. The goodness that can result from social campaigning is of immense proportion.

Likewise, a new spectacle is taking the Nepalese social media scene by storm. In our society, red color is only linked with auspicious undertakings. Unfortunately, it is still forbidden in some part of Nepal for a widow to use red color in their attires or use vermilion for instance.

“Red Tika Movement” is here to shake the very foundation of the stigma attached to a widow and red color. Women for Human Rights, single women group (WHR) founder Lily Thapa is the initiator of “Red Tika Challenge.”

The idea is simple at its best.

This Facebook challenge is about posting your own picture wearing “Red Tika” or any attires in solidarity with single women. While the color red embodies the color of life and passion, widows are barred from wearing red. The message is irrepressible in protest against social prejudices connected with the widow and red color.

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Your marital status may not decide which color you should or shouldn’t wear. The color is purely a choice of the woman, neither society nor cultural value should dictate this freedom of choice.

Social reformers from Nepal and globally have contributed their support to this marvel of a cause.

Please do share this post, with a photograph of “Red Tika” to symbolize the power of red. Come and help us raise awareness by joining this challenge. You might as well tag your interested friends to undertake the challenge.