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These New Vs Long-Term Relationship Are Spot On!

We all know that relationships change and grow over time, but that’s generally a positive thing, rather than a negative one if you look at it in the right light.

Relationships can seem more fun and exciting in the beginning, but it can also be tiring having to be ‘on’ all the time. Some people also believe that people stop trying in long-term relationships, but it depends on your perspective.

You might stop trying to impress your partner after a while but (if you’re in a healthy relationship) you’re still trying in terms of being caring, kind, loving, and respectful to one another. 

Keeps me laughing when she says, “Really? Let’s try having a dick in your mouth,” and then the ending is awesome!

Which end of the relationship are you on?

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These New Vs Long-Term Relationship Are Spot On!

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