News Anchor Drops Her Tooth On Live TV But Continues The News ‘Like A Pro’

news anchors loses tooth on tv

News anchor Marichka Padalko was in the middle of a live segment when her tooth fell out. Anything can happen while broadcasting live, including the loss of a tooth, it seems.

However, like a true professional, she kept going and did not stop the broadcast, barely even acknowledging that it happened at all. This happened on Wednesday morning and the video has already started to go viral, though Padalko did not expect it to do so.

Later she posted the video of the incident on her Instagram account and also wrote about the bizarre situation and also explained how her tooth broke.

She faced a weird situation in 2013 as well when she was doing live reporting and her hubby was arrested during a protest. She also said that she thought the incident would not be noticed by anyone but viewers are very attentive.

Well, it takes smartness and intelligence to quickly handle things and we must say that Marichka Padalko has a cool demeanor!