28 Funny Real News Headlines That Could Happen Only In India

In the business of newspapers, magazines, television, or any news website, the headline is the first impression. It plays a vital role as it helps the readers decide to skip the story or click it and read it. A good headline always catches the attention of the readers and also changes the way we think.

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But there are those odd times when I do switch on one of the numerous TV news channels or pick up a copy of our “popular” national dailies, but only for the laughs. And you don’t even have to read the whole thing, only the headline will have you in splits.

1. Always check the Pendrive

2. Taken for a ride

3. Tell them about Zero FIR

4. Sandwiches are important

5. Father of Facebook

6. For purification

7. Not this though

8. WTF IndiGo?

9. Maintaining weight

10. Who’s Who of politics

11. When Instagram debut is celebrated

12. Just a fan of Salman Khan

13. Chutney could be dangerous

14. Animal lives matters

15. Use mobile with caution

16. National tragedy averted

17. Rhyming is everything

18. Bit inappropriate

19. What does this even mean?

20. She wants to cook dinner

21. Is it BJP approved?

22. ‘Tv dekhlo fraands’

23. Not answering the call will help!

24. Dress code required

25. Is it a riddle?

26. Beiber to She-iber

27. Now we know

28. Count me in

Bravo to the newspaper ninja for coming up with such headlines. Keep it up!