This Little 9-Year-Old Hilariously Recreates Absurd Celebrity Outfits

Celebrities sporting some strange outfits during their appearances on red carpet events and shows is pretty common. Sometimes, the attires create headlines, and at times some people take it as a form of entertainment and create something unthinkable from it.

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A 9-year-old girl named Riley who is managed by her father has taken the internet by storm. She is known for hilariously recreating some of the stars’ looks. Riley has over 100k followers on her verified Instagram handle that goes by the name of Riley Diary.

In this story, we have gathered some of her best recreations; so have a look.

Emma Stone

What was more hilarious was the way Riley captioned this picture! “You are what you eat,” said the picture, which summed up her look with utter perfection!

Emma Stone was spotted wearing the said Louis Vuitton outfit on the red carpet of Oscars ’19. Twitter family is convinced that the dress denotes a fresh ‘out of the waffle-maker’ look. We won’t deny it.

Lil Pump

Riley looks adorable emulating everything, right from the smile to the attire, of American Rapper, Lil Pump.

Lil Pump may have spent a fortune on his outfit, but Riley easily re-created it with materials available at home. Way to go Lil Riley!

Julian Daigre

Who knew to make abs was this easy? Riley looks super cute as she flaunts her abs in the most delicious way possible.

Bid adieu to your gym trainers folks! I’d rather roll the Riley Way!


Riley is serving looks with a cooking pot over her head! It takes guts to jibe at our Bad Girl Riri! She indeed nailed the stoic expressions of Rihanna. This was one of the most viral pictures of Riley.

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Joy Villa

Guess who just showed her a game when it comes to wordplay? Riley is making America GRATE again by saying no to shredded cheese. She didn’t just copy, but give a different direction to Joy Villa’s look.

This one is a Genius, isn’t she?

Paris Bishop

“Waking up looking this good” look! Paris Bishop is an Australian Model and Athlete. I wish all of us could look this adorable while getting out of our cozy blankets in the morning!

Nia Sioux

Let your lips emote more than your words! How direct can a girl be? Food first. Empowerment can wait. Girls who eat are the girls who slay. Her imitation is unrealistically perfect, isn’t it?

Sam Rybka

“Leg splits or Breadsticks?” Look at Sam Byke being flexible and Riley flexing a bread loaf in hand. Riley does bring in a fun element in every picture of hers and sweeps the audience away with her innocence and wit.


Riley’s jabs did not spare our Queen B either. Beyonce had announced her pregnant belly with grace and panache. Riley did not disappoint us while announcing her ballon’s arrival too!


Living in a box is easy-peasy. We won’t be surprised if wearing cardboard boxes becomes the new fashion statement. Riley looks ready for a cover shoot in this one.

Can being in-box be the new in-vogue?

Alexandra Verschueren

All I am wondering is, didn’t such cutting edge fashion look leave paper cuts on our leading ladies?

Now we know what to do with the leftover chart papers at home. That’s how one rolls!

Sabrina Carpenter

After paper rolls, Riley is spotted flaunting attire made of toilet rolls! Her innocent smile and witty eyes make all go Awee!

After a few more wraps, she can pull off a Mummy look too!

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Vanessa Moe

Riley posted this picture with an interesting caption. She wrote: “Fashion that takes your breath away. Please don’t try this at home. I am a professional idiot.”

One of the smartest disclaimers ever!

Haley Bennett

The grass is greener on Riley’s side! Designing is simple. Ain’t it? A hint of biodegradable material along with a plastic bag to balance it out can make the couture of the year!

Kudos Riley!

Nicky Minaj

Eat all your greens. And if you can’t eat them, simply wear them! Look at our girl going all organic on Nicky Minaj here! Nicky’s look here was an obvious resemblance if I must say!

Kim Kardashian

And it is a Wrap! Look at how amazingly Riley keeps up with the Kardashian on this one! Both the outfits are shining with the same intensity!

You outdid your own self on this one Riley!


When you are loaded with emotional baggage and you decide to wear it to work that day!

Whatever you do, do it in style! Riley jabs at Riri again. It is not trashy as it seems.

JoJo Siwa

Now, this picture just oozes sweetness! Riley wittily captioned it as “Buy my Rye Rye Hair Tie so I can get to the dessert buffet. LOL.”

The head tilt looks so accurate!

Lil Tay

In the caption of the picture, Riley wrote: “Y’all going back to school while I’m making lettuce by the HUNNIDS.” Humblebrag indeed. That is our Lil Riley showing Lil Tay how it is done!


Riley took the quote “You are what you eat” quite to the heart in this one! This girl knows her business and she does it well. Some dress to kill. Some dress to eat.

Chiara Ferragni

Filters not working and need a picture asap? No worries. You don’t need rainbow filters when you got your own coloring set! If eyes are the window to the world, they better see a rainbow vision!

Michelle Waterson

Potatoes have been antagonized for wrong all these years! Of course, they can give you muscles guys! You just got to know when to stick them and where! This surely is one of the most hilarious works of our favorite prodigy!

Stay tuned for such entertaining stories y’ all!