November 30, 2020

Polar Park Let’s You Watch Northern Lights Cuddling With Wolves

The Polar Park in Norway is an animal wildlife sanctuary with wolves raised by humans. Unlike those wolves in the wild, the ones in this sanctuary don’t fear humans and anyone can even touch and cuddle with them!

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A wolf isn’t the kind of animal you’d fantasize about cuddling or even let one anywhere near you. But in this incredible wolf sanctuary in Norway, that’s exactly what tourists and locals sign up for.

polar park
polar park
polar park

The amazing sanctuary educates people about these majestic animals to have on our ecosystem and spreads an important message about wildlife preservation. Grey wolves are listed as “critically endangered” in the Norwegian Red List for Species, and a research report from 2013 revealed that Norway only has around 68 wolves left. Their numbers are rapidly declining because of careless hunting practices and human encroachment.

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Polar Park is one of the few places where you can get a close encounter wolf in Europe. Safety is a big concern. That’s why before visitors can enter the enclosure, they have to follow the keeper’s instructions and dress appropriately.

polar park
polar park
polar park

Aside from allowing visitors to spend time with wolves, Polar Park also offers a luxury “Wolf Lodge” situated right in the middle of the wolf enclosure, in which guests can enter through a tunnel from an outer fence. The Wolf Lodge has large windows that allow guests to watch the wolves as they go about their business, giving them a unique wilderness experience.

For more information, visit the Polar Park website. This is the best place to experience close encounters with wolves and enjoy the northern lights!

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