27 Photos Of Oshin Sitaula That Are Sure To Melt Your Heart

The cute nature and beautiful personality of Oshin Sitaula have made her likeable among her tremendous fan following.

Oshin Sitaula is a popular Nepali media personality. She was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1995. Her cute nature and beautiful personality have made her likable among her tremendous fan following.

Oshin Sitaula is one of the most popular and beautiful Nepali media personalities, presenters, and VJ. Oshin became even more popular after appearing as a host in The Voice of Nepal, one of the most popular reality shows in Nepal. Before that, she was working on another popular program Hunger Hunt, a program by M&S Vmag. Sitaula is the most liked and appreciated television presenter in Nepal.

Oshin Sitaula was very bright since her early childhood. But she never thinks of becoming a prominent media personality in the future. But she thinks that she is a very lucky girl to have become a television presenter. For the first time, she appeared in the media when she was 18. Her journey on media started from the channel M&S Vmag which was the supplement of Kathmandu Post. Now M&S Vmag is an English-language weekly video magazine.

Before coming to the channel, she got a call from Kantipur when she was 18. At that time, Oshin even did not know the relation between Kantipur and Kathmandu Post. Later she got the job at the M&S Vmag channel. Now, she is the senior presenter in this magazine.

Oshin Sitaula works for the “Hunger Hunt” show on M & S VMAG Channel. “M & S” was previously a supplement of the Kathmandu Post and is now a weekly magazine. The video version of this magazine is now being televised on Kantipur Television.

Besides, she is also seen on quite a lot of popular YouTube channels. Among all the members of the management team of this magazine, she is the senior presenter of this magazine.

Oshin has over 186k followers on Instagram alone.