‘Pacu Jawi’ Is More Crazier Than ‘Pamplona Running Of Bulls’

pacu jawi

Pacu Jawi, the cow race in West Sumatra, taking place in the Tanah Datar regency. The festival of cow racing celebrates the end of rice harvesting season by the Minangkabau people in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

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While the race has become part of Indonesian culture, the main purpose of the Pacu Jawi is for sellers to exhibit the strength of their cows to potential buyers. And competitors head off across the paddy fields attached to pairs of animals. A good race performance can lead to generating a higher price for those farmers that plan to sell their breeding stock.

After each run, the cows are cleaned and herded into a display pen for the buyers to make their choice. The cows that run the fastest and straight till the finishing line are the winners. With their hands, busy holding on tight, jockeys encourage their steeds to go faster by biting their tails.

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A regular cow that’s bred for daily consumption costs about S$500 – S$700. But a Pacu Jawi racing cow can cost at least twice the regular cow. There are even racing cows that can cost up to S$3000 to S$4000.

The bullfight or Pacu Jawi? Choose one.