Paramedics Face Harsh Comments After TikTok Video Showing Them Dancing Goes Viral

These paramedics faced many harsh and mean comments after they posted a short video of them dancing in the ambulance. People quickly jumped to conclusions and called them out for being unprofessional and not doing their job correctly. However, few sensible people came to their defense and made it a point that the law entitles them to have work breaks, and at the end of the day, they are humans too.

Two British paramedics face heavy criticism from the public after a video of them dancing in the ambulance goes viral. 

Rhianna Higgins, 25, and one of her colleagues decided to do a little fun dance and record a TikTok video on Justin Bieber’s song Baby at the back of an ambulance. However, the public did not receive the video well, and people lashed out at the duo for dancing and having fun when they could be going out and rushing to save lives.

People criticized the duo for being unprofessional. 

The clip was captioned: “Little boogie on break” alongside the hashtags #999, #emergency, and #uniform.

Higgins’ mom later told The Sun: “It is stupid the dramas this has caused. It has been blown out of all proportion.”

One TikTok user wrote: “Not professional. Do this on your own time out of uniform. You are on the firm’s time in uniform no ifs buts or maybes [sic].”

A second wrote: “My uncle was pouring out bleeding after being sent home from surgery and told it would be 6hours for an ambulance!! 6hrs!! [sic]”

A third added: “This is why ambulances take so long to respond.”

Gladly few sensible people took the women’s side and pointed out that they were on a break when they filmed the video.

One wrote: “Genuinely shocked at the negative comments on here. Paramedics are human beings at the end of the day.”

Another wrote: “[They’re] on a break, can’t fault them. 8 minutes to get to my dad and saved his life 8 times over. massive respect to ambulance services! [sic]”

A third added: “Remember last year when we were clapping for the NHS? The comment section seems to have forgotten. Even before the pandemic these ppl are heroes [sic].”

While another person pointed that the law entitles people to have work breaks.

They wrote: “I’ve only read a few comments, and they’re making me mad. These girls are on a BREAK which they are entitled to by LAW. It’s nice to see them smiling.”

The mother of the other paramedic in the video has also spoken out on her daughter’s side, saying: “She was on her break. She does 14, 16-hour shifts, saving a lot of lives.”