YouTube Mistakes Actress For Underage Girl, Blocks Comment Section

park bo young

A fan of South Korean actress Park Bo Young shared an edited video of the actress’s past live broadcast on YouTube and the comment section got blocked.

park bo young

According to a report on Koreaboo, the 31-year-old South Korean actress was talking about nursing a cold and expressing her appreciation after receiving a letter from a male fan.

On her vlog, the “Strong Girl Bong-soon” and “Oh My Ghost” star explained why the comments section was suddenly disabled.

“YouTube recognized my video as a children’s video and disabled the comment section. I apologize for the inconvenience,” Bo-young said.

The comment section was then fixed. The fan then added a pinned comment to clarify that he/she is not the actress herself since a lot of people thought the video was uploaded by Park Bo Young.

Starting last January, YouTube enforced restrictions for channels run by children in order to protect their personal information such as halting personalized advertisements and restricting some functions such as the comment section.