10 Types Of People We Definitely Meet At Every Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are a fun-filled affair, not only for the families of the bride and groom but also for everyone who’s attending. Just as everything has its typical stereotypes, there are some kinds of people who you will definitely come across when attending an Indian wedding. Here are the 10 kinds of people you may choose to meet (or avoid) at weddings.

 1. The Hungry Wolves

These are easily identified by their location – near the buffet table- found constantly eating (while complaining about the quality of the food).

2. The Budding Journalist

No wedding can be complete without the nosy aunty who has to know every detail about you, your education, and your family. Of course, the agenda is to find you a suitable match!

3. The Drunk Uncle

At every wedding, there will be a drunk uncle who will take center stage on the dance floor.

4. The Sporting Grandparents

Often the grandparents also join in the fun and celebrations by doing their own version of the dance.

5. The Crazy Dancer

Once the music comes on, it is easy to recognize the crazy dancer by his moves (also by the fact that no one dares stand next to him for fear of being hit by his wild moves!)

6. The Gossip Queen

In case you are from the IT Dept and want to know exactly how much has been spent on the wedding, meet the gossip queen. She knows everything that has been exchanged between the families, as well as details of all that has yet to be revealed!

7. The Chor

The wedding cannot be complete without the groom’s sisters-in-law stealing his shoes.

8. The Models

There are some people who just cannot leave a single opportunity to get their pictures clicked. You will recognize them only once the photographer sends the album. After the bride and groom, they will be the ones with max posed photos!

9. The Crying Baby

Weddings can be an emotional time for some people. Some people turn on the waterworks at the bidhai irrespective of their relation to the bride!

10. The Gang

A wedding cannot be complete without girls dressed to the hilt and rocking the party with their killer looks. They also usually form groups and cause major heartbreaks to the boys at the wedding!