27 Pictures Of People Who Were Hilariously Caught At Staring!

Getting busted is always embarrassing and when you get caught while staring at girls, it can be really awkward. This staring habit may be a normal thing for you but it’s always hilarious when you get caught doing this on camera and when a celebrity does this, it takes no time to break the internet.

We can’t really blame them for sneaking but at least we can enjoy these hilarious pictures. From Beckham to Obama, the list is full of big names and their oops moments.

Who says pictures speak a thousand words? It just says oops here. Let’s take a look at these hilarious caught staring pics. Check out these caught staring pics below.

1. Her face is up there, buddy

2. Hello there

3. When Beckham got busted

4. Are they better than mine?

5. The size of his eyes explains everything

6. Can you blame him?

7. And he forgot his lines

8. Let’s take a look

9. Justin Chatwin gets busted

10. He is looking at her necklace. Oh, wait!

11. Angelina very Jolie

12. Caught with eyes wide open

13. All set to tell the world that he is a creep

14. Congratulations, you have been busted.

15. This kid will go places

16. Oops

17. “Hey look here”

18. This baby looks amazed

19. Look at the camera

20. They look bigger than mine

21. Say cheese, kid

22. John Kerry is having a good time

23. Teamwork

24. Can’t hide it

25. Caught staring at Kim K

26. Basketball fan caught staring

27. Turn around