Regular People Are Trolling Influencers With What Real Beaches Look Like

How would you feel about sunrise swimming in teal blue water along the French Riviera? I would imagine pretty good, and this TikTok from the travel influencer Brynley Joyner is magical. Too bad you’re hungover, and you live on the Jersey Shore.

Regular people are fighting against influencers posting themselves at the world’s most picturesque beaches. Not everyone can afford a trip to Europe; sometimes, we have to make do with the beaches at hand, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


#stitch with @Brynley Joyner nice france jersey shore… same diff #foryou #gatoradewater #jerseyshore #hangover #july4th #july5th

♬ Amber – 311

#stitch with @Brynley Joyner the chesapeake bay in the summer time 🤩🤩 once in a life time clean and clear water @allie

♬ Amber – 311

#stitch with @Brynley Joyner vitamen sea fr #florida #tampa #bruh #beach

♬ Amber – 311

The health and fitness influencer Captain Morgan also found his beach video stitched by several sarcastic “normal people.”

“I spent 6 hours in the water at Seacrets in OC, and it partially dissolved my bathing suit,” jean ralphio commented.


#stitch with @Captain Morgan i dont think he meant Ocean City #comedy #beach #health

♬ Belonging – Muted

With some American tourists feeling like trips to Europe are more trouble than they’re worth, maybe we’ll all have to settle for our dirty, algae-filled American beaches. And that’s ok.