Who’s The Perfect Guy? Get The Answer From A Woman’s Point Of View!

Every girl has different choices and preferences when it comes to defining the perfect guy. You can’t force somebody to like a person. You will know instinctively when you are compatible with a person.

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And thus, you will be interested in having a relationship with them. That’s why the below-listed qualities may not apply to all women, it’s purely subjective. Also, these qualities are not in any particular order and are simply my personal opinion.


Women prefer adventurous guys. An audacious man will be impulsive and won’t be locked into a monotonous routine. Women would go for the guy who is instantaneous on decision making and make her life more fun.


Culture gives a person a distinct identity and adds flavor to lifestyle. You can compare it to food, you don’t want to eat dreary food, and you would want it flavorful. Similarly, women will like a vibrant character rather than an ordinary guy who is boring.


Ethics plays a vital role for women to choose their men. A man with good ethics will be known for his hard-working abilities and good moral values. He will be able to choose right from wrong and women appreciate it. And women love this.

3Family Oriented

A family-oriented guy is usually the first preference for girls. He tends to be more respectful and shares his feeling with her. When you are brought to meet her family, the guy should show mutual gratitude towards her family and that makes a great first impression.

4Good Listener

Girls love to talk. Guys are comparatively quiet creatures. However, a guy could become a good listener to win her heart. Girls will be looking for someone who is a good listener so that she won’t feel like she’s talking to herself. Good listening is a must for every guy.


Honesty is the best policy. Girls like an honest man. They can let go of little white lies but not the major ones. Being honest and telling her the facts assures a healthy relationship. Girls might get angry at first but will eventually forgive you, if you tell them the truth.


Love is the heart and soul of the relationship. Women adore being loved. Making her feel important is one of the crucial tasks every man should learn. Showing her affection and care will ensure a reciprocated action. So learn to show her love.

7Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is very essential for men and women alike. Personal hygiene means the prevention of diseases and the preservation of a healthy lifestyle. Guys should spend time on their personal cleanliness before looking to get love from her.


Learn to respect your woman. A woman needs to be respected; you should treat them with dignity and equality. Guys should eradicate the feeling of superiority against women. Respect them and you will get respected in return, as simple as that.


Women love stylish men. Furthermore, they love men who can create their own style. Women like men who can stand out and not only wear what’s considered to be in style. A bold guy who can make a style statement with his clothing is what women love.


Being supportive of women is both duty and necessity for every man. If you are supportive, women will return the favor when you need it. Learn to be helpful and compassionate then women will see an ideal man in you.


Women looking for reliable, honest, faithful and responsible guys. Men should communicate better with their women and create an understanding relationship. Women should be able to trust you wholeheartedly and without any doubts.